Levantine and Arab gulf cuisine


About us


We are a social-economic catering company that makes delicious quality dishes from the Levantine and Arab gulf cuisine for Danish gourmets, and at the same time serves as a gateway to the labor market for many of the women with a refugee background who, due to various challenges, have not found a job, despite their skills and desire for economic independence.


our story

In Yusra’s kitchen we value Dignity, Quality and Generosity therefor use our personal experiences as refugees in Denmark to create the dynamic between people that gives the best integration. Our philosophy is that integration is a two-way process that takes place on an equal footing. Therefore, the kitchen is organized as a training ground, which takes into account that the women often come with trauma, physical disabilities, worn-out musculoskeletal system. This implies flexible working hours, flexibility between standing and sedentary work, and a holistic view of the employees’ other needs, which are taken into account in the Inclusion Workshop.


To be a high-quality catering company that creates jobs for refugees, utilizing the unique experiences they bring with them from their home country. We empower refugees with physical or mental challenges due to trauma, loneliness, alienation and lack of integration into Danish society by offering flexible jobs in a kitchen where the work culture is characterized by mutual respect, creativity and cooperation.


Delicious levantine food in a Denmark where all citizens have equal opportunity to contribute to the community with their diverse cultures, their unique life experiences and their income tax.